Putting in a Zipper with Wondertape

This Article describes the step by step procedure by Judi Haling on how you can use Wonder Tape whilst putting in a zipper. Wonder Tape completely disappears during first wash. It consists of double sided transparent adhesive tape that can be stitched through which doesn’t create any needle residue when stitching. If you would like to purchase wonder tape, please click here

1. For centre back seams such as skirts trousers and dresses, first overlock the two back edges seperately. To avoid the bump at the top buy a zip a little longer than needed.

2.stitch up to zip opening level. Press remaining edges cleanly along
seam line(no less than 1.5cm )

3. Apply ‘Wonder tape very close to each underside of seam along
folded edge.

4. Remove backing from tape on the right side and stick fabric folded
edge close to right side of zip teeth.

5. Because zip is longer than opening, leave excess of zip above

6. Using a zipper foot sew from base of zip to top on inside (one
layer of fabric to zipper tape only, do not catch outer layer). Press
on outside.

7.Peel backing off tape on remaining side and press to stick edge
over zipper teeth, just overlapping rightside by 2mm .

8. Chalk stitching line on outside of left side, stitch using a midsize stitch length with zipper foot starting at base of zip.

9. Peel off Wonder Tape from second edge only. The first edge will
wash out and doesnt affect the working of zip. Can damage loosely
woven fabrics*

10. Using a regular foot stitch across top of zipper teeth several
times at seam allowance level. Now top of zip can be trimmed off, the
zip locks off without the metal stopper!

Perfect Zips everytime, using wash away ‘Wonder Tape’!

* Not recommended for loosely woven fabrics, corduroy or velvets.

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