Crinkle Linen Effects

Crinkle effects for simple linen garments!

Choose a light to medium weight 100% linen and create a simple shift finished with binds at neck and armhole and machine hems. Once completed simply wet garment thoroughly and twist tightly (just as you would if you were wringing it to remove moisture), then allow to dry while twisted…this is how it is left to wear…creates an interesting sculptural crinkle style and no need to iron…great for travel. No more pressing linens when you use this technique.

Choose a simple design and sew using linen and linen/ cottons. Patterns suggested, McCalls5583, 8108, 5233. Vogue, 7898, 8509, 7828, 8565, 8371, 8500, 8504, 8474

Use simple binds for neck/ and armhole edges.

After finishing garment, soak and then wring, leave to dry in this shape.

When almost dry bring inside to hang.

Sleeveless version. Wear with a tight T-Shirt underneath!

Topstitch detail.

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