Welcome in the new year !

Happy New Year to all !

Can’t believe another year has passed and Judi’s Studio is continuing with gusto for 2019…well only if you are inside with the air-conditioner on. This heatwave is NOT what we are used to in Orange.

Please check calendar for this years dates on this site in Classes, a few changes due to a holiday in August/ September.

As part of our holiday I have arranged to do a tour of the Bernina Factory in Switzerland ( I know that wont surprise any of you knowing what a big fan I am of the brand…for my entire working life!) Very excited about that!

Classes start February 12 and the air conditioner will be on!

Thanks to all for your continued attendance in 2018 and hope the holiday has been a safe one.

Thankyou also for gifts and contributions to our Christmas luncheons, always a lovely finish to the year. Di Shepherd brought along this lusciously simple dessert and I promised I would share it with you all. I made it for the family gathering in Melbourne and it was a winner.

Di uses cream instead of evaporated milk and tinned sliced peaches.




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