Wedding gown commences with a fitting and skype across the continents!

My gorgeous god daughter Lindsay has asked me to create a gown for her wedding in October in Philadelphia, USA.

Whew! what a feat. Firstly were sketches, then I started patterns with a calico toille made and sent to US for first fitting.

Tulle and french lace were bought in New York and sent to me, meanwhile the first skype fitting of the bodice I had made, took place( I had to send pins in the package)with my sister in law Paula, doing the adjustments while I watched on…she is no sewer, and tried hard to get my instructions right.

Bodice sent back, with new foundation garment. So the latest is Skirt in tulle started with blush silk satin under skirt…all looking good.

Lace bodice cut and started to weave fitting points together, then trimming away excess. This method is used to achieve a contoured shape with no visible seams.

I have now decided to use an interlining of silk organza to support the delicate lace, and give the bodice  a firmer feel.



Next fitting in the US soon.

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