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The two new bespoke products, fatty & skinny! The fun loving duo that suit your bespoke tailoring needs. Judis Studio presents the new Professional Tailor Boards. Portable and easy to use. These have been created due to special requests by tailors specifically for trouser, suit & jacket pressing. These are now featured in our store. If you wish to place an order, see Custom Tailor Board (Trouser) or Custom Tailor Board (Jackets). You can also contact us here for more information

Product: Custom Tailor Board (for Suits & Jackets)

Description: Double sided and longer than the popular sleeveboard.

Dimensions: 80cm Length x 28cm (at tapered end) width x 14 cm height

Price: $89.95

Product: Custom Tailor Board (for Suits & Jackets)

Description: Single padded surface, great for pressing trousers.

Dimensions:80cm Length x 14cm (at tapered end) width x 10 cm height.


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