Yuletide Blessings to all & recipes

Christmas gifts, Yuletide logs &  White Rocky Road

Christmas gifts, Yuletide logs &
White Rocky Road

End of term for another year! It has felt a little like Christmas in classes this week with French champagne and quiche, together with little ‘ gifts’ from my kitchen. My thanks to all who support Judi’ s Studio with attendance and wonderful conversation.. Always lots to talk about …. While we sew of course! Enjoy the break and families over Christmas and New Year!

Below are recipes from this weeks classes you asked for. .. The little prune / walnut logs ( thanks to Mandy Walker) make nice gifts to serve on a cheese platter for a change, and the gourmet rocky road( thanks to Julie Darley) looks pretty and tastes rather nice too !
First log is made with 2 cups dried figs, whizzed in food processor ( leave 1/2 cup chopped not processed) add 2 tabs pine nuts with 1 1/2 tabs of vinocotto( available at Harris Farm Markets). Shape into log 4.5x 18 cm. Leave wrapped in foil for a few days then wrap tightly with foil in fridge for a few more days. Keep refrigerated and cut with a hot knife into slices and serve with honeyed walnuts and blue cheese… Lovely!
I have also included my recipe for pastry done in whizz… So easy! For savoury I add 1/3 cup Parmesan to flour and sweet 2 tabs castor sugar. The salmon quiche recipe is also a goody thanks to Jane Wiesener. Served with caramelized onion.. Yum!
Bon Apetit! Bonne Noel!

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